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Don’t die thinking what if, or if only…remember that you DID! #Energyofyes

This quote came from Dave Moore @Mooreconsortium during our regular Tuesday Tweetchat May 28th.  The topic of the day was ‘Have you answered your calling in life?’  “When you do, there is a flow-an inner peace, an #energyofyes & Gratitude”, as Marita from @Gratefulnetwork so eloquently said.   What are some other signs that someone has…

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Harness the #Energyofyes and Answer your Calling Today!

What is a “calling”? It could be what some may refer to as their purpose in the world, or it may be a special talent that you share with others.    Regardless of how you define it, your calling will be something that lights you up and makes your heart sing!  I assure you that…

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Don’t think about how much you have to lose: Think of how much you have to GAIN!

I’m sure we have all experienced a time when we we needed help, wanted something, or even needed something, but were too afraid or hesitant to ask.  Take a moment to consider how much you have to lose if you don’t ask, and how much you have to GAIN if you do.  Then, stop focusing…

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Do You Think You Are Being Betrayed? Use the Power of Integrity to Fight Back!

Have you felt the pain of walking around with a knife in your back?  Have you seen it happen to others? Did Anger get the best of you? OR Was the pain so intense that you were paralyzed or disarmed to do anything about it, and therefore, you didn’t?   This is a subject-matter that…

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Are You Doing the Tango Without a Partner?

If you have ever watched a Tango, you will have seen it is one of the most beautiful dances.  The choreography is outstanding; and the Partners are in harmony with their grace, sensuality, and intricacy. It is creative self-expression with another, and is very intimate! The intensity of looking into each others’ eyes as if…

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Why Saying YES to Life Involves Some Resounding NO’s!

Today’s Tweetchat topic at #EnergyofYes surrounded the subject of forgiveness, and when we started trending, one person said “What about No?”   This is not the first time this question had been asked…so today I will talk about the importance of No when you say Yes to a life of empowerment and success. When you…

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